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Microsoft Excel Training in Malayalam
Microsoft Excel Professional -Training
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Language: Malayalam

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Become a Microsoft Excel Professional in day 1

IWCampus Microsoft Excel Professional training starts from very basics of Excel to an intermediate level. This training is in Malayalam and recorded video sessions. Learners will get support from our Trainers to clear doubts and help with more detailed topic explanation.

Who should join?

The training can be helpful for Project Managers, Analysts, Admins, HRs etc needs Microsoft excel for their job. This training is not about excel calculations, its all about how to use excel as a tool to make life easier!

Topics covered:

  • Getting started with Excel basics
  • Formatting Data
  • How to manage Data from multiple sources.
  • Remove duplicates and Filter Data.
  • How to create excel formula in different scenarios.
  • Manage formula errors and Tracing
  • Representing data as Charts, pivot tables, forecast sheet etc.
  • Getting live data from web sources like Currency conversion, stock etc.
  • Protect excel workbook


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