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Behind IWCampus, we are a group of professionals who has work experience in the IT Sector and Education industry. 

IWCampus is an online education platform driven by a group of professionals. Our team members has a least 5+ years of work experience in the IT Sector and Education industry.
IWCampus is part of Infowinds Solutions LLP. IWCampus platform built for education and knowledge sharing. We are online and offline since 2015 and helped 10000+ students 👩‍💻👨‍💻 to choose their best career.


Sreejith Vanjipattu

E-Learning Operations

Sreeju VJ

Sales and Marketing

Aswathy V

Content Strategy

Haripriya H


Our History

A journey from 2015 to 2021 🚖

IWCampus started its operations as career consultants in 2015 and worked with many educational institutions. We focused on South India for Graduate programs across industry domains.
Having worked with many institutions we came with a Service called CampusRise. The service focused much on Skill Development for students and faculty. This helped many institutions with digital marketing, branding and skill development training.
2020 and now
Covid-19 taught us many lessons. We started online skill development programs inspired from our YouTube subscribers. We are always thankful to them . We turned IWCampus to an online platform delivering trainings at an affordable fees.
Now IWCampus is one of the leading online training portals based in Kerala. We have thousands of students registered on our portal since January 2021. We are providing on-demand training videos on Computer and Technology related topics.
We have received a good response and feedback from learners around the globe. This inspired us to work on a very strict timeline to release 35 courses in Malayalam at an affordable fees.


Some of our highlights

About IWCampus

IWCampus is an online platform for technical skill upgrade. We are providing on-demand training on Computer and Technology related topics. IWCampus is a brand by Infowinds Solutions LLP.  

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