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Dark Web Security Training
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Language: Malayalam

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This malayalam training explains about 3 concepts in depth i.e Anonymity, Privacy and Security on an individual prespective.

The training starts with TOR Network, how it works and how to access it. This course will be helpful to Information security professionals and also those who are looking for a space in anonymity and privacy.

The course starts with very basics like Surface web, deep web, Dark web and why we need to focus on Anonymity, Privacy and secure means of communication.

The Key topics covered in this course are:

  • TOR Network and TOR Browser
  • Best practice considerations for keeping your privacy safe.
  • How to use Tails OS
  • How to be anonymous and have secure communication with strangers.
  • How to safe handle files without leaving traces.
  • How to use Surface web, deep web and dark web services securely. 


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